Blue Fronk

Blue Fronk

Photos is Cool Tapes


Blue Fronk's Lips

Yes he does have Lips.

WWIMM SoleMan-1

Blue Fronk

Blue Fronk is a Goth Male who look like Fronk's Friend. he have a Bleeding Lips. his Lips is ok. he have a Normal Lips


Homestar RunnerEdit

Blue Fronk in Homestar Runner

Blue Fronk in Homestar

Blue Fronk is Touch Cardboard Homestar by Marzipan


Foreigh NameEdit

  • English: Blue Fronk
  • Japanese: Blue Shaggy
  • Spanish: Blue Fronky
  • German: Blaue Frank
    13729060 m

    Blue Fronk on a Beta Japanese Book 9-Volt Pet Fronk.

  • French: Bleues Franky

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