Red Fronk

Red Fronk


Red Fronk have a one arm

Red Fronk is a male with a one arm. on 2D he have's 2 arm but in find my behind red fronk did not need two arm's. on the Warioware twiseted on the mini game hop to the top Blue Fronk and Red Fronk copy like Fronk, Blue Fronk lips is Fronk lips and Red Fronk arm's is two. on the mini game Sole Man Red Fronk does not need two arm's. on the mini Game Dirty Darts Red Fronk and Marzipan (Mona) Doe's not need two arms. in Homestar Red Fronk have's two arm but he does not need two arm's.

Red Fronk

Red Fronk in Homestar Runner

Red Fronk in Homestar

Shag or Fronk by Dooplisso64

Yes Fronk have normal Lips and Red Fronk have a one arm.


Foreigh NameEdit

  • English: Red Fronk
  • Japanese: Red Shaggy
  • Spanish: Red Fronky

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